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Effectively track all aspects of your affiliate program while enabling affiliates to effortlessly track their own data.


Measure Impressions, Clicks, and Conversions While Filtering and Blocking Unwanted Traffic.


Manage Advertisers, Publishers, and Campaigns of various Payment Models (CPA/CPI/CPS/CPL) with Redirectvia.


Reliable Affiliate Tracking

Redirectvia records and tracks various activities including clicks, impressions, conversions and commisions by assigning unique tracking codes or cookies to track user interactions with affiliate links across different channels and devices.

  • Smart links
  • Mobile Attribution
  • S2S Postback
  • REST API's
  • JS pixel support
  • Funnel tracking

Precise Measurement Insights

The software analyzes the tracked data to measure key performance metrics such as click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, average order value (AOV), return on investment (ROI), and customer lifetime value (CLV).

  • Gain insights into affiliate traffic sources, patterns, and behavior.
  • Export affiliate marketing data for analysis, reporting, or integration.
  • Design personalized reports to track campaign performance and measure affiliate activity.

Easy Affiliate Program Management

Advertisers can manage affiliate relationships, commissions, payouts, creatives, and promotional materials from a centralized dashboard. They can set commission structures, approve affiliate applications, track affiliate performance in real-time

  • Customised Integration Kit
  • Personalized product training
  • Fully Realtime Stats
  • Data Logs
  • Guided onboarding support

Campaign Management and Reporting

Whitelabel Panel

Customize the Platform with your Branding, Logos, and Domain for a Seamless User Experience.

Multi currency

Transactions and Reporting in Multiple Currencies to Accommodate all types of users.

Truly Realtime

Instant Tracking of Clicks, Impressions, and Conversions for Timely Decision-Making.

Traffic filters

Set criteria to Filter and Block Unwanted Traffic, ensuring only Valuable Leads are Counted.

Scalability & System Management

Deeplink support

Generate custom tracking links directing users to specific pages or products.

Anti-Fraud Logic

Detect and prevent fraudulent activities to protect advertisers

Lowest latency

Process tracking data with minimal delay for accurate reporting.

UTM Parameter support

Monitor campaign effectiveness with appended UTM parameters.


API Support

  • Redirectvia's affiliate software offers robust API support, empowering users to seamlessly integrate their affiliate marketing operations with external systems, platforms, and applications.

Commission Tiers

Establish Structured Commission levels based on specific Performance Metrics and Incentivize Affiliates.

Budget control

Manage expenses effectively by setting predefined budget limits and spending caps for your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Built-in Invoicing System

An integrated invoicing system enables the Publishers to generate invoices automatically based on predefined commission rates and payout schedules.

Data Export

Extract tracking and performance reports from your affiliate tracking software in various formats such as CSV, Excel, or PDF.

Auto Scalable

Auto-scalability provides a seamless user experience and reduces the risk of performance bottlenecks or downtime.

Creatives Support

Provide your Affiliates with Creatives support and promotional materials such as banners, text ads, videos, or landing pages.

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