Privacy Policy

Redirectvia  is a cutting-edge SaaS Affiliate Marketing Software, empowering businesses to streamline and optimize their affiliate campaigns effortlessly. Clients leverage Redirectvia to evaluate the performance of their affiliate and publisher relationships by tracking user clicks and conversions.

This Privacy Policy is designed to provide clarity on how Redirectvia handles end-user data on behalf of advertising networks utilizing our platform. It does not outline the practices or policies of our clients, the websites or apps displaying the ads, or other involved parties.

This Privacy Policy outlines the information collected by Redirectvia and how we prioritize the privacy of every Redirectvia user and client. Our commitment to safeguarding privacy extends to online and internet activities.

1Information Collection:

Redirectvia's website collects general data and information each time a user or automated system accesses the site. This information is stored in the server's log files and may include:

  • Browser Types and Versions
  • Operating Systems
  • Referrer Websites
  • Accessed Sub-pages
  • Access Date and Time
  • IP Addresses
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Similar data for safeguarding against potential attacks

Redirectvia utilizes this general data to:

  • Deliver Website Content Accurately
  • Optimize Website Content and Advertising
  • Maintain long-term IT System Functionality
  • Assist Law Enforcement in Prosecuting Cyberattacks
  • Access Date and Time
  • IP Addresses
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Similar data for safeguarding against potential attacks

The data is analyzed anonymously for statistical and data protection purposes, ensuring optimal security for processed personal data. Server log file data is kept separate from personal information provided by users.

2Sensitive Information:

When signing up with Redirectvia, we collect various contact details, including location, email address, phone number, company name, Skype ID, and website URL. Additionally, clients are required to choose a username and password to establish their Redirectvia account. Please note that all client contact information is considered confidential business data and will solely be utilized to manage client accounts and address inquiries from clients, affiliates, or publishers, as per the contractual agreement between the parties.

Here's how sensitive information is handled:

1. Login Password: Your password, which is used for accessing Redirectvia services, is treated as confidential and sensitive information. It is stored securely within the Redirectvia database and is solely for your use in accessing services. Redirectvia and its affiliates/partners do not access or use this information.

2. Financial Information: If bank details are included on cheques sent to us for service payment, they may be visible. However, complete bank account details are not recorded or processed by us for any purpose. We recommend direct deposit of payments into our bank account via electronic transfer or cheque drop.

3Secured Payments:

If payments are made through a secure payment gateway on Redirectvia, the information is processed by the Payment Gateway provider, who adheres to PCI Compliance standards and retains sensitive information only as long as necessary. Online payments are subject to an independent agreement with the payment gateway provider.

4Sharing of Information:

Redirectvia utilizes personal information (excluding sensitive information) to meet users' needs and requests for products and services, enhance user experience, send transactional emails or notifications as opted for, and display relevant advertisements based on location and services rendered. Redirectvia does not rent, sell, or share personal information (excluding sensitive information) with third parties unless:

  • Explicit consent is obtained at the time of online or offline information collection at Redirectvia.
  • Information is provided to trusted partners working on behalf of or with Redirectvia under confidentiality agreements for site creation, modification, or maintenance, with limitations on independent use.
  • Credit card information collected by the Payment Gateway for payment processing is promptly deleted thereafter.
  • Redirectvia's administrators may access personal data solely for administration and troubleshooting purposes.
  • Sharing information is necessary to investigate, prevent, or address illegal activities, suspected fraud, threats to physical safety, User Agreement violations, or as required by law.
  • Redirectvia responds to court orders, legal processes, or defends legal claims.
  • Data transfer to a successor entity occurs in connection with corporate changes, with prior notification to affected individuals.
  • End-user data may be disclosed in cases of suspected fraudulent, malicious, or unlawful activity, or when legally required.

Redirectvia may also share anonymous aggregated data derived from its platform for statistical purposes.

5External Sources:

Clients can access and measure information from external or third-party sources within the Redirectvia platform, including advertisers, publishers, affiliates, networks, and analytics partners. Affiliate information provided to advertisers is used by Redirectvia for fraud prevention and contractual obligations fulfillment.

These measures ensure that Redirectvia responsibly manages and protects user information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

6Data Ownership:
Clients retain ownership of the data they provide to and collect through the Redirectvia platform. When clients remove or export their data from the Redirectvia platform, its use is subject to their own privacy policies and relevant laws and regulations. Redirectvia acts as a data processor, following the directives of our client data controllers. Certain fields likely containing personal data, such as IP addresses or device IDs, may be obfuscated or left blank by the Redirectvia client.

7Tracking on the client side:
Clients utilize Redirectvia for pixel or server postback tracking to gather user information. Pixel tracking, also known as "cookie-based tracking" or "client-side tracking," stores a Redirectvia session identifier in a user's browser cookie upon click. In postback tracking, Redirectvia sends a session identifier directly to the advertiser upon click. Upon conversion, the advertiser verifies this identifier with Redirectvia. Redirectvia also supports server-to-server measurement for selected clients. With any of these methods, when an end-user clicks on an advertisement or visits a specific web page or mobile app action monitored by the client, Redirectvia collects information from the user's device, including but not limited to IP and Ad Identifiers.

Users can disable cookies in most internet browsers, though this does not cease receipt of all advertisements. To opt-out of specific ad networks, publisher, or advertiser ads, end-users must contact these companies directly to inquire about opt-out options. End-users can disable Ad Identifier collection for targeted advertising by enabling the Limit Ad Tracking setting on their smartphone or resetting the Ad Identifier using their smartphone's privacy settings. End-users should note that Redirectvia collects information on behalf of its clients. To opt-out, please visit or contact the data controller directly. We actively collaborate with our clients to accommodate such requests within reasonable and legal bounds.

9Tracking Technologies:
We collaborate with third parties to present advertisements on our website or manage advertising on other sites. These third-party partners may employ technologies such as cookies to gather data about your activities on our site and others, in order to deliver advertisements tailored to your browsing activities and interests. You can opt-out by visiting the website of specific partners like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Quora.

10Adherence to GDPR Policy:
Redirectvia operates as a data processor under the GDPR, adhering to its principles and regulations. We prioritize privacy by design and default, enforce limited data retention protocols, adhere to incident response standards, permit appropriate third-party audits, ensure lawful international data transfers, only engage sub-processors with adequate data processing commitments, respect data subject rights, refrain from processing sensitive personal data, and provide data processing agreements to all relevant clients and partners.

Redirectvia reserves the right to send certain communications related to our services, sponsored advertisements, administrative messages, and newsletters, which are integral to your registered account. You have the option to opt-out of receiving them. Additionally, we send emails containing information about our existing or new services or features.

Redirectvia employs commercially reasonable efforts, including various security technologies and procedures, to safeguard client and end-user data from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. Personal information, particularly sensitive data about users, is safeguarded using industry-standard security measures. While we ensure the security of our systems, we have no control over the security of other websites you may visit, interact with, or purchase products or services from. It is essential to keep your username, password, or other access information secure and confidential to prevent unauthorized access to your account information and services. Strong passwords are recommended.

13Retention of Information:
Redirectvia retains sensitive/personal data or information provided by users only for as long as necessary for lawful purposes, as required under the User Agreement, applicable laws, or court orders. Information collected is used for the purposes for which it was collected.

14Deletion of Information:
You may request Redirectvia to delete your Personal Information from our systems and records. You can also delete your account at any time at your discretion. However, due to technical limitations and regular system backups, Personal Information may persist in our systems for a limited time after deletion.

Information collected and retained by Redirectvia is stored on servers located in the USA.

Redirectvia may update this Privacy Policy periodically. Please review the Privacy Policy for any changes, as they will be posted on our site.

17Contacting Redirectvia:
If you:

1. would like to request access to the information we hold about you, correct, modify, delete or update Personal Data that you have provided to us, or

2. have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or the practices of this site, wish to withdraw your consent for the continued collection, would like to object to your Personal Data being used, or have any additional questions:

Please contact us any time via email:  [email protected]

Redirectvia Team

Last update: 13 March 2024